Be the change - Ecolifting™ 

We are making sure that we contribute to reducing your footprint, wherever you are, helping you to live up to regulations and future emission targets now and in the future.


Power. Evolved. Ports. Evolved. 

Start your journey to cost-efficient and low carbon port operations with Ecolifting™. Our range of high-power, low carbon solutions offer uncompromised performance in a purposeful and systematic movement towards lower CO2 per container move.
There is a difference between seeing the path ahead and walking on that path. Let’s do it together.

About Ecolifting™

Ecolifting™ means decreasing the carbon footprint of our customers by reducing emissions in their operations with the help of our products and services. This is a long-term, maybe never-ending, mission. At Konecranes, we work hard to reduce the emissions caused by our own operations. We do this by improving the energy efficiency of our factories/services and moving to renewable energy sources.


The lineup is complete - Experience them first-hand

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