Redefining the standard

Rope Angle Feature

A special tool for special jobs

The Konecranes CXT NEO wire rope hoist crane is a special version of our renowned CXT crane. Powerful and agile, with a capacity of up to 80 tons and with two hoists up to 160 tons, it is particularly good for general manufacturing, workshops, and assembly lines.

A combination of sleek ergonomic design using our single-grip ergonomic radio with inverter hoisting technology provides ease of use, power and accuracy in one compact medium-lifting crane.

Advanced lifting is what you get with the CXT NEO. Our energy-efficient ASR (Adaptive Speed Range) inverter hoisting provides a fine accuracy in load positioning. Whether you would like slower operation or you want to lift faster by up to 50%, stepless hoisting speeds give you excellent control over your load. Controlling every movement with the radio is smooth and easy.


Safer load handling with Smart Features

With Konecranes Smart Features you have control over material handling in production processes. For CXT NEO we have created the Rope Angle Features Module including Follow Me, Hook Centering and Snag Prevention features, which are based on the rope angle measurement. The main target is to prevent any side pull or load swing when the load is lifted and moved.

Follow Me allows the crane to be moved above the load by simply guiding the hook by hand, making it much easier and faster to load and unload the crane. Hook Centering is designed to eliminate side pull during lifting by positioning the bridge and trolley automatically directly over the load. Snag Prevention feature is designed to stop all crane movement if the hook, sling or load accidentally gets caught on something, reducing the risk of hazardous situations while moving loads and helps to prevent damage to the load, crane and surrounding area.

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