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Step 1: Monitor your asset operational efficiency and productivity on

All Konecranes lift trucks are delivered as standard with TRUCONNECT Basic Telematic solution. Make sure your equipment has been registered* to and start monitoring and acting on your asset data free of charge, like overall fleet level KPIs (operational efficiency, productivity, sustainability and safety & alerts), single asset utilization statistics, operational mode (laden, empty, idling), operating hours, tank levels, PDF reports, service notifications, and TRUCONNECT APIs.

Step 2: Benefit from our digital services

With your connected asset, you can see what’s really happening. Which parts of your operation work as they should and which don’t. On Customer portal, you get full visibility on various KPIs to monitor your operations and reduce overall costs. 

Productive assets are those generating profits and cash flow. Typically more than 70% of assets operating time is not productive, with unproductive labour when driving empty or idling, leading also to faster depreciation and shorter service intervals and fuel consumed turning into smoke and CO2 emissions

By connecting your assets, you can take control.

Operational mode: get a clear view of your equipment idling time, and take relevant actions to reduce it and lower your fuel consumption, to optimize productive time. 

Eco-mode/Eco-driving: with no additional costs, the equipment operator can set up the Eco-mode driving function directly on the machine display. This feature optimizes the truck parameters (e.g. engine RPMs, speed) based on the functions used on the machine (lifting, handling, driving, etc) for a specific period of time, especially when the highest machine performance is not required. With this specific engine configuration, your equipment will reach an optimal operation scheme and benefit from lower fuel consumption and reduced overall CO2 emission, while keeping nearly the same overall performance.

Fuel consumption predictor: this tool helps you predict the fuel consumption based on your truck utilization, hence plan your OPEX, thanks to a predictive analytical model embedded with Machine Learning.

1) Based on more than 10 years of data from Konecranes Lift Trucks connected fleet.

  Want to run the extra mile?

Advanced solutions are available against subscription for even higher cost reduction:

Work Zone - with Geofencing, you can create virtual fences for tasks specific zones. This will allow you to better control your operations, improve your processes and increase safety. Get a notification whenever an asset exits the work area and is idling. Less idling leads to lower costs and higher productivity. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring* - one of the key factor leading to high fuel consumption and wear and tear is a non-optimal tire pressure. Hence installing sensor to always keep the tire pressure at an optimal level is a must, to keep fuel consumption at minimum levels and maximize tire lifetime.

Shock monitoring* - impacts on the machine increase wear and tear and the risk of damage. Shock monitoring allows you to plan inspections leading to lower maintenance costs. 

Hydraulic oil condition monitoring* - replacing the hydraulic oil only when needed dramatically reduce maintenance costs, increasing uptime and is less harmful to the environment. 

*sensors to be added to the equipment

The importance of tire pressure 

Over-inflation by 20% only shortens tires life by around 15% although it causes the tire to be more susceptible to impact damage and in extreme cases may result in rim deformation or even a tyre burst.

Fuel economy again suffers with under-inflation. At 80% of the optimum pressure a vehicle may return only 75% of the ideal fuel efficiency. For a tire inflated to 60% of the correct air pressure, instead, fuel efficiency plummets by 35%. 

Source: PEMA IP07 Tyre Selection and Maintenance

In a nutshell... 

Getting your assets connected will not only allow you to monitor their actual status, conditions and position but also provide valuable data to reduce your operations costs by:

  1. visualizing the operation mode of your lift trucks, showing the actual percentage of operating hours running empty, laden or in idle;
  2. choosing when driving in Eco-mode while keeping nearly the same performance;
  3. making sure that your assets are always running in optimal conditions, to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs at minimum.

Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. We improve efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries. And we have done this by continuously providing lifting equipment and services people can trust.

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