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    Speaker: Jan Schmidt-Ewig, Team Leader Development, Port Solutions, Konecranes

Ecolifting Retrofits
    Speaker: Ingo Schmuland, Product Manager, Port Services, Konecranes

Shore-powered Mobile Harbor Cranes that electrify your business
    Speaker: Dr. Dirk Rother, Product Management Application, MHC, Konecranes

Hybrid RTG Retrofit. Fast and Easy
    Speaker: Alfredo Bouza, Sales & Marketing Director, Port Services, Konecranes

Battery industry and its footprint: are Lithium batteries reducing total emissions?
    Speaker: Dr. David Flaschenträger, Quantron (importer for CATL in Europe)

Offsetting option for Ports
    Speaker: Anniina Virta-Toikka, Environmental Specialist, Konecranes