Webinar 8th Sept

Webinar duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Automation is only a part of the big picture of container terminals, where manned cranes are still in the great majority. Is full automation the only way to improve yard productivity and safety? Not at all.

Join in this webinar to learn more how to get on path to the port automation.

Session Moderator: Mikko Lepistö, Senior Vice President, Solutions
1. Why automation makes sense?
    Speaker: Yvo Saanen, Sales Director, TBA Group
2. Implementing A-STRAD in brownfield (Morning session only)
    Speaker: Ross Clarke, Programme Manager, Port of Auckland
3. Mind The Gap! Our lessons learned for your Automation Journey (Afternoon session only)
    Speaker: Paul Saraber, Head of IT and Systems, Rotterdam World Gateway
4. RTG Automation for any brown field. Guaranteed.
    Speaker: Mattias Karlsson, Sales Manager, Solutions
5. ECS - bringing all automated equipment together
    Speaker: Mariette Koekoek, Business Development Manager, TBA Group
6. How to get on the path to port automation: pre-study and example outputs
    Speaker: Yvo Saanen, Sales Director, TBA Group
Webinar Host: Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director, Port Solutions