100% Wireless.
99.98% availability. Guaranteed.

Konecranes and Fluidmesh Networks have made a breakthrough in wireless connectivity in ports. 

We are now offering you the opportunity to download the Konecranes/Fluidmesh Networks whitepaper describing this new wireless breakthrough. 

Many container terminals have discovered that 802.11 WiFi, LTE and 5G are not able to deliver wireless crane connectivity with the seamlessness, reliability and safety required. This breakout solution provides uninterrupted RTG crane operation via extremely low latency and high throughput wireless networks that drive port and container terminal productivity, safety, and security. With this system, container terminals operating diesel RTGs will no longer need to run fiber or cable spools in order to roll out remote control and automation to RTGs in the container yard. 

Wireless remote and automated operation out of reach for diesel RTGs? Not anymore!